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mi a3 stock camera apk The Cool Mi camera is inspired by the MIUI 11 camera, which has many valuable quiet features. With the Cool Mi camera, you can get a lot of good camera b features with MIUI 11 camera, and besides, you can get many more advanced camera b features.

The Cool Me camera can run on all Android 4.3+ devices, which helps you take cool photos or why! 4

Notice : mi a3 stock camera apk

  • Android ™ Google, Inc. Is a registered trademark
  • Cool Mi camera is inspired by MIUI 11 camera, but it is not an official Giaomi camera.
  • Main permission required:
  1. Camera permission: Take photos and videos
  2. Access SD card: Manage photos

4 Cool Mi Camera Features Features List: mi a3 stock camera apk

  • Cool Me camera has bright R and sticker emoji stickers to take live photos or videos in real time.
  • Cool Mi camera can create skin tone, big eyes, face lift
  • Cool Mi camera has 100+ cool filters
  • Cool Mi camera has funny mask stickers, silly stickers to play with
  • Support 4K, Ultra HD cameras
  • Support HDR mode, it will help you take better photos
  • Support the mouse shutter button to zoom in on the left and right, zoom in on the feature b.
  • White screen flash for front camera, fill in front camera for better selfie.
  • Long press shutter to prolong shooting
  • Professional Mode: ISO, White Balance, Scene Mode, Exposure Compensation Adjustment.
  • Easy album manager for your photos
  • Touch to pay attention
  • Auto Flash On / Off
  • Silent Capture mode
  • Cool Mi camera support using volume key to take selfie
  • Cool Mi camera supports timer and explosion shots
  • Cool Mi Camera Support Resolution Adjustment for Camera and Video.
  • Support Tilt-shift photography to take photos with vague backgrounds.
  • Photo stamp with date tag
  • Grid line
  • Mirror camera
  • Cool Mi Camera supports Vignette work
  • A powerful photo editor on the Cool Mi camera includes:
  • Amazing filter
  • Photo editors support the crop and rotate the photo
  • Photo Editor supports photo adjustment: opposite, saturation, brightness and tone.
  • Add doodles, text or tags to the photo in the Cool My Photo Editor.
  • Adjust photo size, tilt-shift and vignette
  • Save the photo format

And if you like Cool Mi Camera, please comment and rate, we are trying to improve Cool Mi Camera, thank you!


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