What happens when I block someone on MetroPCS?


When I block someone on MetroPCS, what happens?

On your Metro PCS phone, you can block messages from certain numbers. Metro PCS lets you stop messages from getting to your phone. You should know that this service only works for incoming messages and not for incoming calls.
When you block someone on your phone, what happens to their messages?

Lavelle says that if an Android user has blocked you, your text messages will still go through, but they won’t get to the Android user. It’s the same as an iPhone, but it doesn’t let you know when something is delivered or not delivered.
How do I block a number for good on Metro PCS?

Dial 611 from your Metro phone to reach Care.
Scam Block can be turned on in a number of ways:

Get the free Scam Shield app and turn on the “Scam Block” setting.
Use your Metro by T-Mobile device to call #662#.
Sign in to your account, then go to My Account > Add Services > Protection > Scam Block.
Does someone know if you put someone on your phone’s block list?

When someone you’ve blocked calls you, they’ll go straight to your voicemail, as if your phone was off. This is the only way for them to know that you blocked them. The blocked caller can still leave a voicemail, but it won’t show up with your other messages.
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What does a caller who is blocked hear?
When the blocked number is called, the caller either hears one ring or nothing at all, but the other phone stays silent. The caller is then told that the person they’re calling isn’t available and sent to voicemail, if that’s what the person they’re calling has set up. May 20, 2021
What does the person you’re blocking see?

metropcs blocked call message, What happens when I block someone on MetroPCS?
metropcs blocked call message

Even if you block someone on your Android or iPhone, they can still send you text messages. These messages won’t show up on your phone, but the person who sent them will know that they went through. They won’t know that you’ve blocked them.
Can I still send them a text?
When you block someone, you can’t call or text them anymore, and they can’t call or text you either. To get in touch with them, you will need to unblock them. Even if you put a number on your blocked list, you can still call or text that number.
If you’ve been blocked, can you still leave a voice mail?
A blocked number is a bit different in how it works. After one ring, you’ll go straight to voicemail. You can leave a voicemail, but it won’t go to the person’s inbox right away. Instead, voicemails from numbers that have been blocked go to a different place.
Can a voicemail be left by a blocked number?
When you block a phone number or contact, they can still leave you a voicemail, but you won’t know about it. Messages sent or received won’t get where they’re going. Also, the person won’t be told that the message or call was blocked. Sep 20, 2021
Can an Android caller who has been blocked leave a voicemail?
Can a voicemail be left by a number that has been blocked? Even if you block a phone number, the person who called you can still leave a voicemail on your phone. But not everything is lost. You can use apps instead of going through voicemails by hand.
How do you listen to voicemails from a number that is blocked?
Here’s how to access voicemails left by blocked callers on an iPhone and listen to them:
Open the iPhone’s “Phone” app.
In the Phone app, tap on the “Voicemail” tab.
Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list of voicemails and tap the “Blocked Messages” inbox.
What does a caller who has been blocked hear?
When you block a number on your Android phone, the person who called you can no longer get in touch with you. Calls don’t get to your phone; instead, they go straight to voicemail. But the person who you blocked would only hear your phone ring once before it goes to voicemail. Nov 30, 2020
How do I know if Android has blocked me?
First, you can’t send a text message to a blocked phone number. You also don’t see the “sent” or “delivered” note. On the receiving end, nothing will be seen. As important as phone calls are, the call that was blocked was sent to voicemail.
Can you tell on Android if someone has blocked you?
On an Android, the only way to know for sure if your number has been blocked is to ask the person. But if phone calls and texts you send from your Android to a certain person don’t seem to reach them, your number might have been blocked. Jan 10, 2020
When you block a number on Android T Mobile, what happens?
When you get blocked on T-Mobile, you will go straight to your voicemail. The person will also be notified when they get a voicemail from your number. Mar 30, 2022
Can you text someone you have blocked on Android?
You can still call and text the blocked number, but the person on the other end won’t be able to answer your texts. You can unblock phone numbers at any time by removing them from the page in the Phone app called “Block numbers.” Sep 10, 2019
Where do texts that have been blocked go?
When you block a message on an Android phone, it goes into a folder called “Spam and Blocked.” That means the phone is still getting messages from the people you have blocked, but it isn’t telling you.
How do you know if someone is blocking your text messages?
If you think someone has put you on a blacklist, check your messages with that person to see if that’s true. If the last iMessage you sent said Delivered but the one you just sent didn’t, that could mean you’ve been blacklisted.
How can you tell if you have been blocked?
If you call someone and get an automated message like “the customer is not available,” it’s possible that person’s wireless carrier has blocked you. The messages can be different, but what happens is always the same. You won’t be able to talk. Again, this message isn’t always sent because a number has been blocked.
Can someone who has blocked me read my text messages?
Your message will look like it was sent, but it won’t get there. So, when they block you, they can’t read what you sent.

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