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, Pokemon GO Metagross best moveset
metagross weakness

The enormous, mechanical-looking Pokemon Metagross has few weaknesses and is resistant to a wide range of attack types. Because of this, having the best moveset for it makes it an extremely useful Pokemon. You may easily make Metagross one of the best Pokemon in your party whether you’re seeking for a Pokemon metagross weakness to employ against Team Go Rocket, combat in Gyms, or in the Go Battle League.

Pokemon of the Steel and Psychic types is Metagross. Due to their vulnerability, they take 160 percent damage from all sorts of harm, including Ground, Ghost, Fire, and Dark. In reality, Metagross is impervious to a wide range of kinds, including Normal, Flying, Rock, Steel, Grass, Ice, Dragon, Fairy, Poison, and Psychic, which inflict 39 percent damage.

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Metang, which itself evolved from Beldum, gives rise to Metagross. Metagross in its whole form can occasionally be spotted in the wild. metagross weakness The maximum CP for Metagross is 3791, which is also a high value.

The ideal offensive moveset for Metagross should be Meteor Mash (46.2 dps) and Bullet Punch (12 DPS). It should be noted that for Metagross to learn Meteor Mash, an Elite TM is necessary. The finest moveset for PvP combat and attacking Pokemon in gyms is this one. The best defensive moveset consists of Meteor Mash, which has 46.2 DPS, and Zen Headbutt, which has 13.1 DPS. Again,metagross weakness in order to teach Meteor Mash to your Pokemon, you will need an Elite TM.
If you have a few Elite TMs nearby that can help you equip Metagross with the best moveset, they can be quite potent pokemon. When Metagross is equipped with its strongest moveset, it becomes a very powerful Pokemon with plenty of health to support it in battle.

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