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Masala Express

Merry Christmas and 2021! Cook! Join 10 million chefs worldwide and get crazy master chefs out of you. Show off your cooking skills at this fun and fast-paced time management Christmas cooking game – Spice Express!

Priya is an enthusiastic cook who loves to cook and serve Not a food truck, he runs his own commercial kitchen to fulfill his dream of becoming a master chef. He wants to make his mark and is one of the best master chefs in India and then the world.

Be a part of her cooking journey and help her realize her dream in this free addiction game! It’s not a simple cooking game, but an emotional game full of fun, yet a crazy journey to believe in dreams and make them come true.

Each of us has a hidden crazy kitchen The Spice Express gives you a completely satisfying experience to bring that master cook out and cook the most delicious food in world-Indian cuisine. The game imitates his cooking, kitchen management and food delivery skills

Cook a variety of delicious Indian food and serve them quickly and hot to win over your customers!

Features Features

  • Free to play!
  • A fast-moving online Indian cooking game!
  • Recipes from all over India!
  • 100+ delicious Indian food to cook and serve!
  • Time management is challenging the food game!
  • Serve food hot and fast and keep your customers happy!
  • 300+ thrilling levels with a dash of 4 Indian recipes and a challenge!
  • Upgrade your kitchen – appliances, food and decor

Play casual games with special Indian Tadka!

  • Masala Express is a fast moving online cooking game.
  • Cook a variety of delicious foods for your loyal but heartless customers that are not enough for your cooking.
  • Prepare and serve food on time and earn bonus coins and tips!

Multi-client comfort experience!

  • Hundreds of levels of games and performances with dishes such as North Delight, South Delight, Coastal Delight and Indochina Delight to cook and serve the dish.
  • Each plate brings its own challenges, but we are sure that the crazy cook depends on you in the madness.
  • Curry, dosa, apam, seafood, noodles and chips, marinades and baking on the list with a variety of delicious food, tandoors and spices!

It was never fun before!

  • Cook meals in traditional ovens or pots
  • Add our famous Indian spices to create a new range of delicious food.
  • Combine multiple recipes to serve customers with crazy recipes! Who else would like a glass of lassi or coffee with it!
  • The first and best cooking game that beautifully depicts Indian kitchens and kitchens.

Import your kitchen and LPG!

  • Why slow down and wait for your customers to eat? Spend your profits on hardware upgrades for your restaurant!
  • Upgrade fancy food prep stations and speed up your cooking process.
  • Decorate and decorate your restaurant with new decor that will keep your customers happy for a long time.
  • Update your diet and increase your benefits!

The best online cooking game with a variety of free food!

This app provides in-app purchases

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