Marine Safety Signs Apk


Marine Safety Signs Apk, Marine Safety Signs Apk

With this Marine Safety Signs application you will rapidly learn and comprehend the significance of numerous wellbeing signs and images which are utilized broadly ready of boats.

A sound information on these signs expands the degree of your own security on board ships and helps lessening the quantity of mishaps on ships.

This application has 3 segments: a program segment, a test and a hypothesis area.

The program segment gives nitty gritty data in 3 dialects (EN, FR and GER) on 6 classifications of signs: IMO Safety Signs, IMO Rescue Boat Launch Signs, IMO Direction and Exit Signs, IMO Fire Control Signs, ISO Personal Safety Signs and as a little something extra the UN Global Harmonized System for Hazardous Goods.

We guidance you to invest some energy experiencing these 6 classifications before proceeding onward to the test.

In the various decision test segment you can test and further grow your insight in 2 ways: beginning from the signs and picking the right clarification, or beginning from the content and doling out the right sign.

The test is extremely useful in testing and working up your insight in a charming manner. If there should arise an occurrence of an off-base answer press the input catch to see better.

You can step by step include more signs classes utilizing the spare catch, as clarified in the guidelines page. Show yourself by playing the test!

In the hypothesis area we included some broad notes security signs, and contact a word on the International Safety Management Code.

Diverse wellbeing signs classes are clarified: denial signs, cautioning signs, compulsory signs, security and crisis signs, and putting out fires signs.

This hypothesis area fills in as a reinforcement and makes this application a total manual for wellbeing signs on ships.

We trust you appreciate this application!


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