Mapit Spatial Apk – GIS Data Collector & Measurements


Mapit Spatial Apk, Mapit Spatial Apk – GIS Data Collector & Measurements

This application is our banner item and progressively complex rendition of our more seasoned applications called Mappad and Mapit GIS with new functionalities and totally upgraded information the executives approach.

Use Mapit Spatial to record spatial information, ascertain zones, borders and separations. Compose your work process using geopackages and layers and spare, fare or offer your estimations.

The application is intended to be basic and light, determined by new OGC record design for putting away spatial information called geopackage.

Use Mapit Spatial to ascertain territories, edges and separations – spare, fare and offer your estimations.

The PDF client direct is accessible on our site – manage

Legitimately from the application you can get to existing different geopackages information sources and their substance introduced as tiled or highlight layers.

You can likewise make new geopackage databases and highlight layers and connection their fields with the quality set fields, so the information can be then gathered utilizing structures containing drop-down records, multi-select rundown, standardized tag scanner and so on. If it’s not too much trouble see our site for additional subtleties.

The gathered information can be gotten to promptly by basically replicating the entire geopackage record to the PC and connecting to it from GIS Software like qGIS.

The application is supporting various directions projections and you can determine your default arrange framework by giving the EPSG code in the settings – PRJ4 library is utilized to change over directions.

The application is proficient to interface with high exactness GNSS frameworks – so you can get down to centimeter precision whenever required.

With Mapit Spatial you can catch, oversee and share your information without any problem. Upheld send out arrangements: SHP File, GeoJSON, ArcJSON, KML, GPX, CSV and AutoCAD DXF.

Mapit Spatial can be utilized in number of utilizations including:

  • ecological studies,
  • forest studies,
  • ranger service arranging and forest administration studies,
  • farming and soils’ sorts overviews,
  • street developments,
  • land looking over,
  • sun oriented boards applications,
  • material and fencing,
  • tree reviews,
  • GPS and GNSS looking over,
  • site looking over and soil tests gathering
  • snow evacuation

The GIS Software and spatial information assembling and preparing is getting more and

increasingly well known nowadays everywhere throughout the world and the capacity having speedy, quick

what’s more, solid work process is getting significant. Mapit Pro has become a day

to day device for a great many individuals over the world and we are trusting that

Mapit Spatial will improve and make your work process considerably increasingly effective

furthermore, financially savvy arrangement.

We might want to deliver our application to each and every individual who is working with

spatial information and is liable for any sort of area related undertakings. There is

number of science and business-related territories depending or relying upon the

exact data originating from Geographic Information Systems and we do

trust Mapit Spatial will turn into your everyday instrument when you are

making things directly out there in the field.

Especially the application is committed to individuals who are working in horticulture,

ranger service, lodging advancement or land overview industry, yet in addition to clients

answerable for configuration work in power industry, water gracefully and sewage

frameworks, gas industry, media transmission and street building. Mapit Spatial

can be likewise received for any sort of spatial resource the executives undertakings, fishery and

chasing, natural surroundings and soil mapping or to whatever needs you can think off, however of

which the creators of the application have never thought.


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