Makkal auto coimbatore No 1 Best App


makkal auto coimbatore, Makkal auto coimbatore No 1 Best App


Makkal auto coimbatore McCall Auto is a leader in providing auto rental services to people with more than 300 cars at affordable prices. This service has been provided since 2014 Yet there are new ways to reach people

Makkal auto coimbatore

A new way to serve customer connectivity is the McCall Auto App, which focuses on user-friendly experiences. Providing online booking services at affordable prices by 24X7 hour auto service based on auto rental and call based services.

The main features of this application are its advantages. Makkal auto coimbatore

  1. Easy and simple registration process using your mobile number
  2. Select a pick-up location:
    A) Through the map: Based on your GPS / GPRS location service, the application identifies the current user location. You can select it as a pick-up address or you can select a different pick-up location by moving the desired pick-up location on the map to the index.

B) Manual: The pick-up location can be manually selected by clicking on the “Search icon”.

C) Confirmation: After checking the entered details, select “Book” to confirm the booking.

  1. Booking details: After confirmation, PNR will be created and the nearest auto for pickup will be assigned. Details of the driver and auto will be displayed on the tracking page and SMS will be sent to the mobile number registered in the PNR.
    A) Book now for current / immediate bookings, for nearby cars
    B) For advance booking, click on the desired time and then select the date
  2. Tracking: Auto location can be tracked from the pick-up location and you can call the specific auto driver by clicking the call driver button. Drop location can be added or edited on the tracking page
  3. Our service is now available for Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu


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