MAD ZOMBIES : Offline Zombie Games no1 best apk


MAD ZOMBIES : Offline Zombie Games

Millions of players are playing this offline game, let’s join in the fun!

The ZOMBIE offline game continues the adventurous adventure of Zombie Asasin. Zombies are banned all over the world, fires are everywhere, dead days are coming, some zombie killers are trying to gain control, they are fighting for big responsibilities, but it is not easy. Because zombies have become more crowded and dangerous Will this war end in this jumbo game? It all depends on you – save the shooter!

Your goal is gambling, as many types of gambling, the targets are dead and crazy. The target can walk you, run and attack you, they are not stupid zombies, they have squads and they know how to fight in battle. The bodies are roaming the village, town, road, perhaps in a car or plant So in order to benefit from the zombie games, you need a strategy to kill everyone, stop the dead with a head shot to save your bullet, put your finger on the trigger and shoot as soon as possible. If the corpse comes to you, you will die!

Shooters need to be zombie killers and many hunters are hunting crazy zombies, harvesters can come everywhere, try to stand in this action game!
It’s an offline shooting game, with a variety of features to play, it’s a survival game in which players have to do what they need to be the best commandos to survive death.

Variety of ZOMBIES

  • In offline game 3D, wherever Zombie comes from, they have different ages, abilities and abilities, they are all crazy and want to kill anyone who is alive.
  • This zombie game is not just a normal zombie in 2019, it is the owner of some giant zombies and more difficult to destroy.
  • When you play the game of sniper, the unexpected zombies always come to kill you, and the crazy is always seen in new places and countries.

Extra zombie free game

  • This zombie game is an offline shooting game with simple gameplay, but it is difficult to be the best terminator, it requires excellent shooting skills, headset skills skills and proper strategy.
  • Complete your duty, get a bonus and kill all the crazy zombies, defend your limits and equip them with good weapons to win this shooter game.
  • If you want to play zombie games, make no mistake in shooting and hunting, you can just cut the zombie and die.
  • This action game allows you to compare your shooting skills to other shooters in the world and get all the free bonuses.
  • Offline Games: Enjoy offline games and enjoy this jamby game anytime and anywhere!

Real 3d graphics and effects

  • In such a sniper game, Siddiqui can feel the real test, every move and effect in battle is exciting.
  • Only certain style graphics on this offline game
  • An action game that screams “game owl” when you kill the dead.

Electrical wire

  • Shooting of guns and snipers can be customized and upgraded offline with various parts.
  • There are many types of guns for shooters in the Zombie Game 2018 offline, each has its own characteristics, you should choose the right guns for each type of evil.
  • Special effects make guns and snipers more powerful and more effective in winning zombie offline games.

Check questions and success

  • Sniper games allow you to explore more and standardize and unlock more modern items.
  • Defeat the goal, stand up to the last fighter, don’t die in offline games
  • Most valuable success is always waiting for the shooter to win the game

Now you can experience an interesting shooting game with various zombies, guns, more than 200 exciting missions that are not available in other zombie games.

Many of the features will be updated every week, and we always want to hear from you, your feedback on how to create a good offline game and improve it every day!

It’s a free shooting game and one of a special offline game, download it for free and become a legend, kill all the nuts and save the world!


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