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Lyric video maker app for android Make any lyric video for your WhatsApp status from your photo with just one click. Your photo lyric video status maker is an app that allows users to add lyrics to your favorite songs. This application has some new ideas with which you can create online videos of your beautiful photos with lyric video makers.

My Video Status Maker has a great lyric video song library that allows you to create a romantic song in 2-3 minutes by selecting your favorite audio. People love to make lyric videos and like that video on social media. Lyric video maker app for android

Lyric Video Status Maker App – Best Effects for Creating Magic Effects, Magic Filters, Popular Lyric Themes, Text Text Tutorial Effects, Gif Memes, Slide Show Animation, Gifts Stickers, Hot Music Video and Photo Subtitles. (Lyric Video) Producer Online App

My Photo Lyric Video Status Maker app has a huge collection of all the latest songs and in addition you will edit all your Love Wishes in your video and tap the mobile screen to change the status every day (now use this photo video maker | app). Lyric video maker app for android

MyPic.status – The lyric video status maker with the music app is useful for converting your photos into videos. Make videos with music converter photos and videos with music video app with video converter.

It is easy and very powerful to use photo and video maker and there are many options to personalize and customize it. It’s easy to express your morale by sharing photos / videos in WhatsApp video mode.

Full Screen Video Status: According to public demand, you can create full screen video status makers and half screen video status depending on your photo selection.

Create awesome lyric video creators, share with others and surprise them through your creativity in the online video maker app.

How to make my lyric video status for social media ..? Lyric video maker app for android

(Choose our favorite mp3 songs from our audio (mp3) collection
Choose your beautiful images from / gallery / media
Decorate all selected images
Add effects to all selected photos
. Easy to use and user friendly UI
Add cool cool stickers, text (color change, font style, size change).
Choose the background color of your favorite lyricist
Choose your favorite song text color and font style
Preview your creation
Partners You can share and delete videos of your creation that have been saved in my creation to your liking.

Choose Hindi songs to create a video status of Yr Hindi lyrics
Choose Gujarati songs to create Gujarati lyric video status
Choose English songs to create a video status for English lyricists
Choose the Sad Sad song to video the Sad Sad Sad song
Choose Bhojpuri song to create a video status of Puri Bhojpuri lyricist
Choose a Rajasthani song to create a video status of Raj Rajasthani lyricists
Choose Arabic songs to make Ikal Arabic lyric video status makers
Choose Malayalam songs to create video status creators of Alam Malayalam lyrics.

Choose a Kannada song to create a video status for the Kan Kannada lyricist
Choose Punjabi songs to create Punjabi lyric video status
Choose Tamil songs to create Tamil Loyal Video Stats
Choose Marathi songs to create Yr Marathi lyric video status.
Select Telugu songs to create video status of Telugu Telugu lyricists
Choose Urdu songs to position the Yr urdu song video


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