Ludo video calling No 1 Best App


ludo video calling, Ludo video calling No 1 Best App


Ludo video calling A ludo game with live video calling for the first time Make video calls with your friends and have fun with Ludo

How to play. Ludo video calling

Every player rolls the dice, the top roller starts the game The players walk around for an hour as an alternative For their starting class, a player needs to roll 6 to enter a token playing in the yard. If the player does not have a token to play and has a vehicle other than 6, the next player will get a turn.

When a 6 is rolled, the player can advance a token to play in advance, or another stage token can enter its initial category. Doing 6 rolls gives the player an extra or “bonus” role at that stage. If Bonus 6 returns, the player earns an additional bonus role. [in] If the third roll is also 4, the player will not be able to move and the turn will go to the next player immediately. Ludo video calling

Players cannot complete their steps in a category they have already occupied If the advance of the token ends in a category occupied by an opponent’s token, the opponent’s token is returned to its owner’s yard. The return token can only be run if the owner is 6 .. Like Pachisi, there is no safe “safe” class on the game track that prevents a player’s token return. A player’s home column class is always safe, however, no opponent can enter them.

Ludo Blast Online is a board game played between friends, family and children. And it comes with online multiplayer that you can play with your online friends all over the world. Ludo video calling

Ludo Blast with friends is here for you if you want to spend free and quality time.

1: Play with Facebook friends
2: Live chat with a smile while playing
3: Real Time Online Game
4: Top Quality Graphics
5: Top level A.I.
6: Completely free to play
7: 2 or 4 player Parcis Board game
8: Chat and send emoji while you play the game
9: Designed for tablets and phones
10: The Daily Nick Magic Luck Wheel Open to win 50K coins every day
11: Unlock success while playing this amazing game


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