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lp installer apk download Full-featured featured installer with small size, user-friendly design and high performance. Easily scan and install market and non-market apps from your SD card.lp installer apk download

Features Features: lp installer apk download

  • Install and delete applications from SD card
  • Auto-scan all APK files from SD card Use the Built-in Catching Machine Use Shallow to improve performance by avoiding frequent scans.
  • Support batch mode for installing and removing multiple APKs
  • Show full application information including name, version, path, size and date
  • Search for an application by name immediately
  • Share abuse to friends through multiple methods such as Gmail, Bluetooth etc.
  • Find application information directly from the Android Market
  • Specify the installation status of each APK file:
  • Installed: This APK application is installed on your device
  • Update: This APK application version is newer than your device
  • Not installed: This APK application is not installed on your device

User guide:
This application is very straight forward It will search for all the APK files that are stored on your SD card for the first launch and will show you how to install. It will automatically load application information from the catch to save a lot of time for other launches. If necessary, click on the fresh button in the list of options to create a catch ate if the contents of the SD card change.

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