Logic Master 1 – Mind Twist no1 best apk


Logic Master 1 – Mind Twist

A logical game with very unusual and difficult questions that requires a creative approach.

Looking for a game that is bright, creative and amazing at the same time? You can become a logical mastermind by solving the most unusual and difficult questions you have ever seen!

The puzzle consists of difficult questions that use the ability to remember, meditate, and think in extraordinary ways.

This is the first edition of a wonderful and extraordinary puzzle that tests your ability to think and think outside the box.

  • Very simple and addictive game
  • Multilingual support
  • 200+ puzzles
  • Global Leader Board, Achievement Board and Star Board
  • Knowledge score evaluation
  • High quality and beautiful handmade graphics
  • Funny music and sound effects
  • One finger touch or drag control
  • Fight with players and players around the world

Creative Puzzles and ABSUT Solutions!

You don’t have to be a genius to play a logical master Even if you are competent, you are more than welcome to try 🙂

There are more than 200 unique and funny issues You have to try different creative methods to reach a solution

Think outside

Logic Master is a Yogi free IQ game and find out if you are as efficient as Einstein! This crazy game is a fun brain teaser and a simple puzzle with an incredible solution that you never thought possible before.

Features Features

  • Performance tracking and knowledge statistics that show your activity and performance history.
  • Works offline so that you can solve brain training problems wherever you are.
  • Unlock new creative levels
  • Exercise your brain with a lot of intellectual problems and improve your mental abilities.
  • Improve your memory, concentration and mentality

Medical Assistant Skills

The Logic Master is a fun-based brain training game designed to improve attention, flexibility, visual and special processing, and memory skills. The more puzzles you solve, the more important you will be to gather skills that are designed to increase your productivity and create an alternative solution to the daily Nandin problem.

Try to develop your mental core skills, challenge your friends, compare your performance and inspire each other. A powerful work memory enables you to learn quickly and improve brain connectivity.

Not only will you enjoy playing this game, you will also be updating your mental and cognitive abilities.

  • Improve your memory
  • Train your creativity
  • Increase your visual processing
  • Prove your skills to solve problems
  • Coordinate the size and color of the train

How to play

Follow the instructions carefully Some questions may be difficult or may require a different approach Those little puzzles will help you focus, focus on a specific object, train local thinking, and improve your mental abilities.

A TR Shal Puj Sports

Can you be a competent person, are you smart enough to beat your friends and solve all the tests to get the highest IQ outside of your game? Try this innovative test puzzle to improve your thinking and try to keep it out of the circle.

As you can see, people have commented that their co-skills have been challenged, forcing them to think of alternative ways to solve the problem, so their argument skills have progressed.

Enjoy brain training games and improve your cognitive skills


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