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Locanto app for android Dating is welcome (called ‘hashtag dating’), where you have the freedom to date in your own way.

Match, chat, flirt and connect with local singles in California, Texas, New York and more!

Are you ready to change the rules?

Those days are sweeping through annoying profiles and those with whom you have nothing In #Dating, the hashtag immediately expresses shared interests and desires so that you can easily meet, befriend, have fun, or even fall in love with the same prophetic people online.

Explore your interests and have fun! Locanto app for android

How it works

You are adding a unique hashtag to your profile to show potential matches that you are interested in.

You express the desire to share hashtags, so you can find the right people for you.

Swipe right to see what you are seeing If they like you, you’ll get along with each other!

You can match, chat, flirt and have fun online with the people you love

Interested in a long-term relationship with someone who loves music? Who are you looking for friendship with in exercise? Or maybe your friends are more interested in your style? To change the rules of the game you are looking for, download #Dating today, explore your interests and have fun with exciting units in your area!

Dating positivity

Compared to other apps on the market, #dating, feeling-good, inspires real connections, celebrates diversity and empowers people around the world to be their real sellers. We believe that you deserve to explore your priorities and make them a reality, you are looking for a funny flying or long-term love.

Security, respect and trust

Your safety is our top priority Dating is a safe place to explore your interests and desires Along with our guidelines, we have also included a number of safety features to ensure we get the best dating experience.

Our guidelines are to ensure that everyone can enjoy #dating

Pay attention to a profile where nothing feels right Just use our flag system to tell us

Thousands of amazing people have joined and are waiting to find someone like you Feeling good? Then install now!


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