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GoLearningBus presents to you a basic, fresh and to-the-point application for “Learn Electrical Engineering”.

You have constrained access to the substance gave. For full access to the substance, it would be ideal if you login and buy this application. This application gives a brisk outline of fundamental ideas in Electrical Engineering by following tidbit measured parts:


Essentials of Electricity,

Electric Current,


Arrangement and Parallel Circuits,

Kirchhoff’s Laws,

A.C. Basics,

Chart Theory,

Work and Node Analysis,

System Theorems,

Electrical Machine Generator,

Electrical Machine Motor,

Electrical Machine Transformer,


“GoLearningBus Library” covers following:

A) School Bus

Evaluation 3-5

Evaluation 6-8

Secondary School: Grade 9-12

School Entrance Tests


B) College Bus

Designing College

Clinical College

Business College

Law College


C) Professional Bus

Proficient Programming,

Proficient Design,

Proficient Languages,

Proficient Software and Tools.

D) Language Bus

In excess of 50 dialects including German, French, Korean, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Italian and significantly more.

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