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What if the vocabulary teaches American English vocabulary is fun and crazy instead of boring recitation exercises? The drops facilitate language learning. The practical vocabulary is linked to your memory through beautiful graphics and quick mini-games.
The crazy part? Only 5 minutes a day. It may sound crazy, but it sounds like charm! 🙂
These are the ingredients of the secret seasoning:
Illustrations 100% illustrations: These images convey meaning directly – you don’t need to use your mother tongue at all! No intermediary is faster, more efficient and of course more fun! 🙂
5 minute session: Limiting the practice time may sound crazy, but it makes it addictive and the incredible learning is cool. Barriers to entry are close to zero, so you can’t apologize: even on the busiest day, you only have 5 minutes!
Play games effortlessly: we know why games get fun and addictive, and learn the essence of Drops. The result is a truly immersive experience, but when you accumulate valuable knowledge, it doesn’t waste time.
⚡Qucik: Keyboard input is very slow. Welcome to fast glide and touch! Trust us, you will need more time during the fast learning period;)
Vocabulary only: zero grammar, selected practical words. This is our goal and we have been very successful. The app also teaches Hangul “the alphabet”!
A BargeForge habit: Drops wants to make you addicted to learning languages. Without good habits, efficiency is nothing. We help you build one!
We are very proud of our beautiful pronunciation of words with experienced vocal talents!
Occasional learners can use Drops for free: more than 1,700 words in 99 subjects are accessible to all. Basic language learners can subscribe to Premium to progress faster with unlimited learning time. Membership starts at $ 2.99 / month.

Our goal is to improve the capabilities of people around the world through knowledge of languages ​​by providing a special tool that uses the common language we all use: images.

PS: Please note that this application will indeed make you addicted to learning languages.

😍If you like the drops of water that we like to build, leave us a message! 🙂


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