Leap of Fate review – A twin stick shooter with a roguelike twist


Leap of Fate combines a cryptic techno story with twin leap with a twist stick shooting action and roguelike conventions. And everything operates in a roundabout way.

Despite being large, absurd, and violent, it is manageable on a mobile device. But if you want to delve deeper into it, you’ll need to be at the top of your game because it’s also quite challenging.

This is not a game for the weak of heart, but it is not only intended for people who are tough as nails. You’ll be challenged by the game, but never to the point that you’ll lash out at a bystander by hurling your phone at them.

lizards leaping

In the game, you play a magical being who must overcome a number of obstacles that are generated at random. Most of these challenges entail killing anything that appears to be capable of sucking your eyes out of their sockets.

There are a few controls available for you to use. You can navigate around the screen using the left stick, and your magical blasts are fired out by the right stick. Your special moves can be used by pressing two buttons at the top of the screen, but you can only utilise a certain number of them per level leap with a twist.

, Leap of Fate review – A twin stick shooter with a roguelike twist
leap with a twist

Levels are distributed in a tarot-style manner. You can travel through them in a variety of ways, and each card describes what to expect when you land in one of the walled-off regions of the earth.

As you go, you’ll also receive bonuses, other cards, and XP to spend on toughening up your various skills. If you pass away, you’ll have to restart from scratch all the way from the beginning leap with a twist.

, Leap of Fate review – A twin stick shooter with a roguelike twist
leap with a twist

On the harder challenges, the violence becomes frenetic and intense. Additionally, things stay somewhat interesting thanks to the special moves that pause time and give you a chance to target them.

Everything still functions as it should, so that’s not a terrible thing, even though you’re still simply circle strafing around everything and trying to avoid getting trapped on the scenery.

Have destiny leap with a twist?

This is a well-polished example of mobile action. Although there are a few twists, they probably aren’t nearly twisty enough to propel the game to the top of the App Store.

It’s solid, enjoyable entertainment. You’ll be entertained for a while with it. And if its gloomy look captures your attention, you’re probably going to stick with it for a while.

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