Lapse it pro apk No 1 Best App


lapse it pro apk, Lapse it pro apk No 1 Best App

Lapse it pro apk Laptops is an award-winning full-featured featured app that shuts down your awesome time-lapse captures and motion videos with your Android camera. It is simple, fast and integrated
There is no need for expensive photography equipment, you need to wipe it

Power and unique features: Lapse it pro apk

Capture your amazing shots using your camera’s full sensor

Fast fast rendering engine that creates beautiful full HD (1080p) video.

Import images from your DSLR or GoPro camera

Import previously recorded videos to create Slow Slow Motion and their fast version.

Use any song in your library as a sound track for your video. Lapse it pro apk

Accelerate your time with milliseconds accuracy up to Mill 240x

Controlled manual controls for Exp exposure, focus, white balance and scene mode.

Share directly on Instagram Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus and more.

Filters have a wonderful effect to make your wipe even more wonderful

Add tons of post-capture options to trim, timestamps, square modes, backplates and more. Lapse it pro apk

Stop motion and soil animation mode with onion skin

Set captures to start and stop automatically

Super easy to use with built-in interface and no registration required

● The best time and stop over speed available on Laps Google Play. Lapse it pro apk

● Some features may be limited to free versions

Other features include:

● Real photo-based timeout and not just high speed video recording
Capture the interval for photography from a millisecond to an hour
Start capturing for projects on several different days or in different places
High-resolution images last longer and have a longer duration than hyperplanes
Comp supports background capturing on compatible devices.

● Built-in time-consuming social gallery
● The camera supports zoom
The front supports the front camera
● Silent camera shutter mode
Export H H264, MP4, MOV and FLV
● Easily controlled full featured features
● Hyperlapse stability is not supported at this time
There is no restriction on the length or frame of Capture the length
Fra is more powerful than Framelap and Droid Timlap
● Android L (Lollipop) is a major update
Tested and approved by more than 1,000,000 creative people


Disclaimer is that it has a unique and powerful native renderer e-engine that allows you to create good videos, it is fast, strong, audio support is fast and has a full range of applications to apply.

This is the only app with a powerful rendering engine on Google Play, and only works that actually distributes videos in the right format for Android, allowing you to easily watch videos on your phone, making it on the web and other devices. You can share

In addition, there are many features that you can use to customize the order of different types of images and make it easier to store the desired results. You can also give them different cold and stylish cam effects, such as vintage and black and white.

This new edition brings more integration with the social network so that you can easily publish your videos or share via the Built-in Laps Gallery, where other users can view and vote.


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