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La Luna Sangre Filter

There is a prophecy – “The most powerful vampire and the chosen man will remove the evil of vampires written with the cursed ink.” Before living their simple lives as human beings, Matthew (John Oliver Cruise) and Leah (Angel Loxin) don’t know that this prediction will bother them. When Sandrino (Richard Guterres) suddenly arrives to kill her and her daughter Malia (Catherine Bernardo), who tries her best to protect the nominees, Mato and Leah Malia. They have lost their power. But in the end, evil spread, and Malia became orphaned under the supervision of other vampires and wallpapers.

Keep in mind that he is actually chosen to save the vampires and the wall from a lot of hardship, they rely on him. However, when he fails to show his strength after the age of 21, he begins to doubt Malia – an important change that will prove that he is.

For shameful reasons, Malia has decided to relinquish her responsibilities and face the mortal world with courage. There he meets Tristan (Daniel Padilla), who is a victim of the vampire who killed his father. As their bond grows, so will Malia get the keys to justice, for which Tristan is lustful? Malia will return to the world she left behind and reclaim her destiny to end Sandrino’s life. How will the forecast affect the romance between Malia and Tristan?


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