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Apache Server and Text Editor with Code Highlighting now! ksweb pro apk

ksweb pro apkDo you want to create a platform to run sites in PHP in any convenient place? This is possible! All you have to do is install KSWEB on your Android device and copy the script to the htdocs folder on the memory card. After that, you can run your web content! Therefore, KSWEB is a set for web developers for the Android platform. Package includes: Web Server, FTP Server, PHP Programming Language, MySQL DBMS and Scheduler. KSWEB does not require basic rights for proper operation, of course, you want to use the server in port 80. In fact, it can be very convenient when opening your server on the Internet This will allow you to keep a small host in your pocket!ksweb pro apk

KSWEB ends with a schedule with expressions like Crown Plan and do some useful work on your web data Friendly KSWEB interface and the desire to answer questions will allow you to experience all the thoughts.

Use our text editor to edit PHP, HTML, JS, CSS files! This will unlock your code and not help you get lost in it

Manage PHP packages in your project through composition

Our package easily runs popular CMS and Yii2, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, MODX etc. If you have any questions about how to run this or that CMS, we will answer them!

KSWEB is a share application After the first launch, you will have 5 test days to test the app KSWEB PRO is priced at $ 4.99 The KSWEB standard is priced at $ 3.99

KSWEB includes:

  • Light Tap Server v1.4.35 |
  • Nganex v1.13.1
  • Apache v2.4.28
  • PHP v7.2.0
  • MySQL v5.6.38
  • MSMTP v1.6.1
  • Web Interface v2.11
  • KSWEBFTP v1.0
  • Editor v1.0
  • Scheduled
  • Online customer support via e-mail or our blog (www.kslabs.ru).


You can enable web interface on the KSWEB device menu
Login information for the web interface by default:
Login: Admin
Administrator password

MySQL host: local host (or
MySQL Port: 3306
MySQL login “root” with empty password

To start a web server, you must: Start KSWEB, specify the port and root directory if necessary. By default, KSWEB contains fully configured files for all components.

Thanks for choosing our product!


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