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Knox meeting Naxal Meeting is a video conferencing service that enables users to communicate and collaborate in real time, anywhere, anytime, through various devices such as PCs and mobiles.

With the mobile app, you can easily manage and manage your web conferences and easily attend meetings. Knox meeting

You can also share audio, video and documents at meetings and effectively communicate through features such as writing and chatting.

[App permission] Knox meeting
These permits were used by the Naxalite meetings

■ Compulsory permission
: To use a category meeting, all of the following items must be allowed.

  • Camera: Used for video broadcasting during discussions
  • Microphone: Used for voice broadcasting during conferences
  • Storage: Used for uploading and logging content for the conference.
  • Phone: Used for voice conferencing

■ optional permission
: You can use square meetings without permission, but the use of ancillary facilities will be limited.

  • Communication: Used to attend conferences
  • If you are using an Android OS version less than 6.0, not every permission option is available. In this regard, it is recommended to check with your device manufacturer to update your OS version 6.0 or higher if an OS upgrade is available.


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