Know Upcoming Updates and Advance Server Dates of Free Fire MAX


Users playing Garena Free Fire MAX are always waiting for new updates. Through new updates, they get some new features and new in-game items every time, which makes the gaming experience of the users better than before. Garena releases its advanced server before every gaming update. 

You can also call Advanced Server as Testing Server. This is a kind of testing server, through which selected users can play the game before the release of the update and give feedback of new upcoming updates to the developers of Garena and then the developers can also make some changes if needed. Because of this, gamers are eagerly waiting for the new update of Free Fire Max. This time gamers are waiting for OB35 Update.

Free Fire MAX OB35 Update

The Free Fire MAX OB35 Update may be released in July. The new update of Free Fire Max is always released on the last day or the day before the last day of the currently running clash squad season. Now this time the Clash Squad season is ending on 21st July. In such a situation, the new update of Free Fire Max can be released on July 20 or 21. 

advance server date

At the same time, talking about the advance server, the advance server of every update starts 10-15 days before its release. In such a situation, OB35 Update Advance Server can be started between July 6 and 10.

However, keep in mind that not all users get the benefit of advanced servers. Only those players who have access to the activation code get the opportunity to play the game in the advanced server and review the new features coming in it. To get this activation code, players will have to follow the steps given below.

How to get activation code?

Step 1: Visit the official website of Free Fire Advance Server.

Step 2: Sign-in using either Facebook or Google option.

Step 3: Now a form will appear. Create a profile of yourself by filling it out.

Step 4: After doing this, gamers can submit the form and also complete the registration process.

After that you can get the activation code of the advance server and then you can enjoy the updates coming in the middle of the scheduled date before the rest of the gamers.

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