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Khatron ke khiladi download Kheti Khiladi is a type of 3D tractor game that gives you the opportunity to learn about farming, tractors and ques shal in an interesting learning environment.

The game brings to life the vision of ‘Tarkiki’ with the technology of Mahindra Tractor. It takes you through the entire agricultural journey using technologically advanced Mahindra tractors and implants from crop preparation to harvest, thereby enabling one to be prosperous and prosperous. Khatron ke khiladi download

The game allows you to choose your land size, crop, performance and tractor at different land levels. Each step is a mission in itself, where you have the opportunity to earn the most money, which can be used to hold large tracts of land and buy high HP tractors. These coins are also useful in fueling and maintaining your tractor

Game Features: Khatron ke khiladi download

Available in English and Hindi
• 4 crop options
Covers all stages of cultivation
3D tractors and equipment for enhanced gaming experience
Educated information on Mahindra tractors and machinery
Once downloaded, play offline games
Step Tutorial Easy Step
Option to share the game with your friends using the share tab

Go ahead and enjoy the farming experience and become a farmer!


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