keypad mobile games download No 1 Best Apk


keypad mobile games download, keypad mobile games download No 1 Best Apk


My old phone dialer keypad app is brilliant for android users. Enjoy old rotary style and numeric keyboard with 3D contacts list in a single phone app. With various options like metal style, classic wooden style, blue themes dialing pads.


– Unique and attractive retro app
– Slick and smooth dialing rotation
– Metallic style
– Black style keyboard
– Classic wooden style
– Blue contacts style
– 3D contacts with keypads
– Real sound effects
– Both rotary option and keyboard one in menu list

How to Use:

– Download and install this brilliant app
– Touch on any number and rotate clock wise
– Continuously rotate until your finger pass handle image
– To speed up use keyboard option from menu
– You can choose search contacts, add contact and send SMS option from menu.
– Open 3D contacts list to find and search contactsCOLLAPSE

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