Jots Apk – The Drawing Party Game


Jots Apk, Jots Apk – The Drawing Party Game

Each player begins with an idea. They want to see the other players do their best. This idea will be sent to random players, who will then shoot. Then pass it on to another player to describe, then draw, then describe until we have exhausted all the players. Finally, all the participants showed their conceptions and hypotheses and the hilarity that followed.

“I want to sleep, my nose is full of laughter.”

“My stomach hurts because of these laughs”

It is best to play basketball with at least 7 people. 6 interesting, but more and better.
Eight players are the best. 10 may be too much. One person starts the game and then invites others to join their own mobile phone through the website or app.

Once everyone has participated in the game, the first player begins the game.

Everyone creates an initial plan. Enter a short sentence or a sentence that you want other players to draw.

Once all players have submitted the plot, the game begins. Each scene is passed to another player for drawing. Try to interpret the script as a terrible sketch.

Once all players have submitted the drawings, they will all be passed on to the next player to describe them. Describe what you see in the image in as much detail as possible.

The game continues by alternating drawing / drawing cycles until each player provides each drawing and description chain.

Each player alternately offers his original index, as well as the drawings and the order of description which results from it. It is up to all players to decide if the final sketch or description looks like the original scene and to determine what did not work!

What makes a good scene?

The player must explain your scene in the sketch. Think about what is simple to draw, but include enough detail to make it interesting and abstract enough to inspire people!


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