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Jazza’s Artie Games is a fun way to practice with your drawing sessions, to challenge yourself and, above all, to have fun with your art!

Disclaimer: ‘Application’ has no drawings, this app comes with your drawing session, which is used to generate ideas and challenges.

Art Game Application Features:

  • Multiple profiles (each content and game / app settings‌)
  • Single play mode with 8 fun game options (time limit optional)
  • Challenge mashup mode for faster fire art challenges!

In single play mode you can play with or without a time limit and challenge yourself with one of eight fun idea generation and art practice games.

1 – Color Challenge:
Color Challenge game offers between 1-5 limited colors to create your artwork. Games associate these colors with color content such as paint and color pencils on your RT game profile. You can also add markers by brand and design your content with official colors and sets for each brand! This way you can play games like 3-Marker Challenge without confusing your marker collection!

2 – Character challenge
Character Challenge produces random combinations of character patterns and scenes to impress you. These can be fun or legendary – and there are billions of combinations to learn!

3 – Environmental Challenge
The Environmental Challenge creates an illustration that you can draw depending on the internal or external environment.

4 – Growing design
In the Growing Design Challenge, you draw the head or body of a character in 5 stages, one by one, so you never know what the final design will be – surprises are in store!

5 – Script Challenge
Scribble Challenge creates random doodles that you can copy and turn into artwork.

6 – Copy Challenge
In the Copy Challenge, you will be given a drawing for reproduction as close as possible, which will help you develop your observation and drawing skills and make better preparations for the drawing session!

7 – Design Mix
Design Mix Challenge gives you two random elements that you need to combine in a thematic or aesthetic creative way.

8 – Custom Generator
Custom generators allow you to create your own list of ideas and games. The possibilities are truly endless!

If you are really ready for the challenge, you can start Challenge Mashup!

Challenge Mashup Mode:
This mode is great for challenging yourself or playing with a group of friends. Select the number and time limit of the challenges you want to play (do you want to speed up the rounds or slow down?), And after selecting the games you want to join, press GO and get ready for the mashup.

Credit and thanks:
Josiah Brooks – App Design, Lead Development, Art & Animation Addict / Maker
Matthew Stradwick – Programmer
Kate Taylor Marsden – Business Manager, Administration, Shop Overlord
Lochi Axon – UI design
Robert Kupler (Kajilik) – Version 1 programmer, destroyer of the world
SteelRibs and Basements – Mega Super Fantastic Assistants Sorting and Collecting Data! (Thanks!)
Draw with the Zaza community – a random generation for character and environment <3

Why Play Party Games – When You Can Play Art Games!

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