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jalra app, Jalra app No 1 Best App


Jalra app Meet, Jalra – Karnataka Mridangam, an app for playing Sridangam for Indian classical music, dance or hymn.

This app is the best friend of the musician Every student and professional will need it The app is meant for musicians with the sound of Indian musical instruments called Jalra and Mridangam. Once you spend a few days with this app, learning how to configure and use it, the app will be the best solution for music or dance practices and performances. You can also use it for hymns. Jalra app

The application is very simple to use It has many advanced features such as playlist and bit editor The design is very integrated and no training is required to use it

If you are a student, look at this app from your teacher, who should be able to tell you how to use it properly for your practice. This will help you catch up on your music If you are a teacher, teach your students to help their students improve their thematic skills. Jalra app

Extensive help

A detailed help is available at this link: https://jalraapp.wordpress.com

Features Features

-> All pitches of Sridangam and Tambura
-> All tables / tables supported (counts of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8)
-> Sapt (7) of Carnatic Music is Alkara Tal Avedia
-> Perform counting for the visual experience of the song
-> Set the beats at any time

  • Double tap to estimate / judge tempo
    -> There is no need to set the screen while walking in the background Option to keep screen if you want
    -> Notice of facility to open or close the application Also works with Android Wear
    -> Create playlists – ** New ** Payments feature feature, combine more than 1 style to create a new long loop.
    -> Beat creation and tweak in bit editor – ** new ** pay b ature credit.
    -> Save local files as backup or sync on multiple personal devices on Google Drive – ** new ** payment facility.
    -> Keep the screen if necessary

Fill the button. Jalra app

While the application is running a style, press the Phil key once to play the static fill variation.

Last button

When playing any changes, press the last button to wait for the application to activate the active sound and then close.

Show / hide playlist

You can show or hide the playlist with the toggle button With the hidden playlist you will get a classic screen simple screen to configure the app.

Bit Editor – In-App Purchase

Press and hold any style to open your bit editor. Each bit is divided into 4 parts, with the on / off button for each part Swipe or close each part to tap the bit When you first try to use it, you will be asked to buy a feature b Once you have purchased the feature feature, you can design / tweak the word in the bit editor.

Play the list

You can add a style to a playlist When you add a style to a playlist, the tempo and count will be used for the item that is active.

There is an option to save playlists to save as a local file They are internal to the Jalara app These files will not appear in the File Explorer app Be careful, these files will be deleted when you install the app!

Google Drive – Sync files with paid feature

Playlists and new files are stored in the internal file of the app. These files will be corrupted if you install or reset the phone So a b feature feature is available as a backup feature to sync app files with a Google Drive account. These files will also be hidden on Google Drive However, you can see their existence under Settings -> Management Apps -> Jalrap.

Hide Ads – Payments

The app shows banner ads If you want to hide it, you can buy the NoAds b feature by clicking on the “Show or Hide” menu option.


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