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JAL – Jaldi Action Le

Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) propelled JAL application with a goal to offer commendable and fast assistance and data about water gracefully timings to the resident. To empower lineman who are the field laborers of water flexibly, to enlist any sort of issues in his purview and carry it to the notification of higher authorities for snappier (Jaldi) move to be made. To give data to residents through a SMS with respect to the continuous water gracefully timings. It is accessible in English just as Telugu. The principle highlights of the application:

  1. Valve tasks: When a lineman works a valve and updates it in this JAL application, all the shoppers who get water through that valve are alarmed about water gracefully through a SMS.
  2. Tasks and Maintenance: Any resident can associate with a lineman and register their complaint through the portable application gave to lineman or lineman can enlist an issue dependent on his own perceptions too. It is a simple to utilize application, where a lineman simply needs to choose the issue and catch a photograph and submit it. Tokens will be produced and progress of activity will be checked. Issues, for example, underneath can be enlisted:

a. No Chlorine present in water provided

b. Valve Leakage

c. Channel Leakage

d. Contaminated Water

e. Sewerage Overflow

f. Missing Manhole Cover

g. Non Receipt of Bill

h. Solicitation Meter

I. Unlawful Water Connections


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