Ishala app No 1 Best App


ishala app, Ishala app No 1 Best App

Ishala app iShala is an Indian music mobile app that effectively replaces a tabla machine, Lehra player and an electronic tanpura. It is an ideal tool for anyone practicing Indian classical music, or a desire to jam with virtual Indian musicians on any other musical instrument.

The featured instruments are Tabla, Harmonium, Swarasanda and Tanpura. You can always choose to play one or all of them by aligning with the tabla and the harmonium. You can manually play the arm armband by bending your string. Ishala app

The iShala consists of more than 50 theme cycles, melodies in more than 110 rages, and 7 different tempos. Now you can create your own rage and fix each of their notes at the microtone (auditory) level. Possible mixtures are not less than infinite.


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