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ipega game center :

Do you have a gamepad and are you tired of games that are convenient for your command?
Want to play with your smartphone or TV box like your PS4 or Xbox?

With GAMPAD Center you will save time and money, as well as get a unique experience.

Suitable for: Ipega, Terios, Mokute, Moga, Zix, EGSMX, Transmart, GameSir, Beboncool, Steel Series, Ness, Madcotz, …

The GamePad for Android is very economical with respect to video game consoles and with GAMPAD Center you can make the most of the potential of your smartphone or TV box.

GamePad Center GamePad is compatible with the gamepad you have been waiting for.

Hundreds of free games are waiting to play with you.

At GAMAPAD CENTER you can search all the games in the store by price, download, alphabetical order, rating, category, etc. You can use the tutorial to learn about the operation of various tutorials on the GamePad model, as well as those not compatible with the GamePad.

One of the main features of the GamePad Center is the “My Library” button. Any game you download from this app or from the “GamePad Game Link” can be played without leaving the app.

How can this be used?

  1. This app only works if the gamepad is connected to your smartphone or TV-box.
  2. When you link the gamepad, make sure it is linked to the gamepad mode instead of the keypad mode.
  3. Now you can open the GamePad Center and enjoy this great experience.


  • No gamepad required to navigate through this app, you will not be able to navigate in touch mode.
    -If you use a TV box, make sure you have close control over the TV box or mouse when the game requires it.
    -If you do not have a LinkedIn gamepad before opening the app, it will not do you any good.
    -We update the GamePad’s custom game list every month.
    The contents of the game links and the changes made by the developers of each game are not our responsibility.
    -You should consider your smartphone memory and processor. We recommend that you do not have too many open applications in this case.

This app is integrated with the GOOGLE PLAY STORE Store, so you must have it as the default store on your smartphone. If you have a Xiaomi or Huawei mobile, make sure you have a Google Play Store, otherwise the app will not work properly.

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