IP Phone Camera apk – View Camera on PC


IP Phone Camera apk, IP Phone Camera apk – View Camera on PC

IP Phone Camera will transform your telephone into an IP camera. This is an incredible method to use your old Android telephones! Utilize any gadget that has a program and a web association with see your portable camera remotely.

Much the same as any great IP camera, this application likewise works with video reconnaissance programming, for example, – Security Monitor Pro and IP Camera Viewer.

Use IP Phone Camera with Security Monitor Pro to see various cameras, catch recordings and photographs, send email warnings on movement recognition and significantly more. Download this PC programming from https://www.deskshare.com/video-reconnaissance software.aspx.

Watch the instructional exercise to perceive that it is so natural to utilize:


Key Features:-

• View your versatile camera in the program or in a video reconnaissance programming, for example, –

Security Monitor Pro and IP Camera Viewer.

• No USB link is required for association.

• Choose ‘Wi-Fi’, ‘Versatile hotspot’ or ‘Portable Data’ to interface with your PC

• Control how and when your telephone’s screen should remain on. It assists with forestalling versatile

from going into rest mode while gushing is in progress.

• Broadcast your camera in greyscale to spare information and make your camera refreshes quicker.

• Set a secret phrase to keep anybody from arbitrarily seeing your camera.

• View camera in full screen on your PC by keeping up angle proportion.

• Switch from the front to raise camera effectively from your program.

• Start broadcasting camera review on application dispatch.

• Adjust the brilliance of camera review from program to see an unmistakable picture in low light


• Turn on the electric lamp when your camera is checking over a dim spot.

• Supports numerous dialects including German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch.

Note: Camera sound from IP Phone Camera isn’t upheld.

In the event that you need assistance with IP Phone Camera, if it’s not too much trouble allude to our help discussion:



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