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injustice 2 apk, Injustice 2 apk No 1 Best App


Injustice 2 apk Who is in your justice league? Add your favorite DC superhit and villain to the best, free war games on mobile. Gather a team of superhit legends like Batsmen, Superman, SuperGirl, Flash and Wonder Woman to defend the army against you. Cross the new combo and opponents in a dynamic 3v3 battle Upgrade your superhits with super powers when you fight your way through the game.

Become a champion by collecting gears for your character and prioritizing your enemies in PvP competitions. Every epic battle in this CCG battle game will explain you – join the battle and become the ultimate DC champion! Injustice 2 apk

Colon IC DC Chargers
Choose from the biggest selections of DC Super Heroes and Super Villains given in the C CCG fighting game!
The Bat is home to classic fans like batsmen, Superman, Wonder Woman, SuperGirl, Flash, Aquaman and Green Lantern, and new villains like Suicide Squad members Joker, Brenniak and Harley Quinn.

See your characters, control the battle and development in different game modes!
Work Pack Comb
Put an epic combo on your opponent using Sup Superman’s hit site, Flash Lightning Kick or Harley Queen’s Cup Cake Bomb!
Take your battle to the next level – inflict massive damage using your favorite DC character’s supermov. Injustice 2 apk

Earn prizes from every battle to customize the Power Super Super Hero with powerful Super Gear and collect Justice League batsmen, Panth Raniker Wonder Woman, Multivarius Flash and other special characters.
Fighting Team up with friends in this battle game and bring together a free league! Together you can stop the collection of the world and defeat the extreme boss Breniak.
Be Social – Chat with friends, donate to Hero Shark, participate in Reds, and more!
Bronze quality story

● Injustice 2 hit 3v3, CCG superhit war game is fueled by injustice stories: God among us.
Immerse yourself in cinematics from the console – it’s up to you to set up a Justice League and bring together a team to pick up the story.
● Other superhit games don’t come close! Experience the best graphics on mobile – Superman, Flash, Batsman and High Definition 3v3 battle many.
Become a champion fighting for the needs of the world – enter a superhero competition where only the strong win. Injustice 2 apk

Despite being killed by Sup Superman, Joker hates the lives of everyone touched by his madness. Destroying the metropolis, he moves the events and takes the enemies of the Superman and the Batsman. If he was alive to see the chaos created by the joker, he would surely laugh!

Fight to go up
Join The Competition – Enjoy The Daily Nandin Aah Enjoys And Improve The Leaderboard With Each War Victory.
Enter the P PvP charity and fight with players from all over the world to become champions.
Like Flash, SuperGirl, Batsman and Epic to fight in the PvP war.

New boundaries, new roads and new chains
Team Discover New Team Coordination – League of Anarchy, Justice League, Multivariates, Suicide Squad, Batsman Ninja and Legends!
Unlock a new type of all-India gear – artwork can be decorated on any superhit to get bonus stats and unique pass bonuses. Injustice 2 apk

● Champions Arena (Beta) is here – show off your skilled roster and master techniques in the biggest battle races. The Champions Arena brings together the best fighters in the game, demanding top prizes and top players from all over the world!
Download this epic, free war game and unite your Justice League!


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