Idle Miner Tycoon: Mine & Money Clicker Management no1 best apk


Idle Miner Tycoon

Have you ever wondered how an effective mining manager can become a millionaire? Are you a real gold miner? Become my factory tycoon, make money and improve this useless tycoon simulator game!

Expand your millionaire mining empire and increase the production of your factory with a gold mine manager who will automate your mining business! Online and offline –

Discover the manager’s strategy to invest and earn more cash in this tycoon simulator! Dig a gold mine and start digging for gold now! This is not a clicker mining game: like other click simulators, there is no need to tap infinitely.

Do you like money games? Want to dig a gold? Idol Minor Ticcan is a model game that turns mining management and tons of income into a prosperous capitalist millionaire.

Like other simulator games, the purpose of this small simulator is to build a gold resource, to get as much pass profit as possible: you have to hire and pay managers and mine owners with the money you earn from the mine.

Upgrade your mine, mine building, and machinery as well as optimize your mine for the right time for the entire mine and management process.

It is different from other inactive games in which you can become a minion manager of Taekwondo Capital, build a millionaire empire and earn money by customizing the Min Workflow in a click simulator in this manager game.

Build more mining factories in this manager simulator until you have a rich gold tycoon! Enjoy playing this mining tycoon! Try this money simulator game and become a gold miner Will you be a real rich tycoon in this adventurous mining venture?

Idol Minor Typo Simulator: Make More Money
Pass Automate your mines to increase your pass income: No need to tap on the online click mining simulator!

Get Passive Cash and Earn Money and Gold: Like many business games, your business will continue even if you are offline!
Benefits and Prosperity from Investment Investments! Among the offline games you will be a rich millionaire in this gem!
Hire a manager to increase the motivation of your mine owner Simulator in the manager game

Create an example of your useless billionaire empire without the endless clicks of experience in other clicker games and tycoon games!
Manage more than 20 mines like a bus: Manage this mining trading simulator and become a mining tycoon!

Be a true gold miner! Mines of more than 15 resources: coal, gold, and jade, this is different from other pass tycoon games.
Collect large amounts of coal and gold in this money and mining factory simulator! It’s not like any other money game! You dig gold!

Offline Increase Your Money In This Offline Typhoon Simulator Game!
Build more mining factories and become the richest factory manager in this useless mining model!

Like other simulator games, your magnet business has the opportunity to become a minor tycoon billionaire by automating the minecraft simulation business, no need to tap continuously. Get rich, buy new gold mines and buildings, invest in cash and gold,

and become the best mining manager in this mining strategy simulator! No need to tap like an online click simulator or tap game! Try Money Games and Manager Games, just like any other tic-tac-toe game!

Get some revenue from this mining manager simulator Dig gold and get rich! Become a millionaire! Enjoy this tic-tac-toe game – not like any other useless game!


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