Idle Fishing Diary – Tap Fish top simulator in 2020


Idle Fishing Diary – Tap Fish:

Leave the solid wilderness, and fish on riverside with lovable companions

Make companions for a desolate bear who has quite recently left the city. Tap to get fish and level up the bear. Produce Healing Points to open extra spots to fish and welcome creature companions there.

Locate another fish. Fill your journal with pictures of different fish and special companions.

Manufacture your own angling camps and select directors. They will brighten us up, by things like marshmallows prepared in a blaze!

In some cases defining moments come. You can likewise take an interest in an angling festa and give a role as numerous as you prefer.

Spread out the guide and find additional opportunities. New waterways and fish will be persistently refreshed.

Or then again, you can overlook everything and simply welcome the wonderful stream of swimming fish.

Compose the bear’s story as you wish.

Resist the urge to panic, and poles on!


  • Simple ongoing interaction: simply tap to angle!
  • Eye-accommodating structure: It’s appropriate for everybody, likewise causes you to feel great!
  • Joyful disclosures: Interesting fish, special creature companions, and advances of the camp sit tight for you!
  • Fishing Festa: Sometimes you need a functioning rest. Tap quickly to top off the bin with fish!
  • No web association required!
Idle Fishing Diary, Idle Fishing Diary – Tap Fish top simulator in 2020

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