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ice skating ballerina unlocked apk Can you believe it ?! A famous Olympic figure skating coach wants to work with you!
Complete your ice skating as you go to the top of the world to win medals and skating standards! Rotate, rotate, triple axle jump and ice skate rings – see what you get in the world!

Omigod! You are now a world-class Olympic figure skating coach! With his help, you will be able to go up and win this year’s premiere ice skating competition! Time to get ready for the big ice skating event and show off your amazing figure skating moves!

Features Features: ice skating ballerina unlocked apk

Get ready for the annual ice skating competition, with an Olympic coach as your mentor!
Wear a cool figure skating dress and head to the ring!
Come with your incredible skating routine!
Skate with your dream partner!
Get a make-in – you need a new look, worthy of a real skating star!
Don’t forget a manicure and a new hairstyle!

You need to be in shape before the competition – fit in the gym!
Om! Golden Skate Magazine has asked you to be their next cover girl! Time for a photo shoot!
Hit the ice skating rankings of the world as you see them in the ring! Get a gold medal!
Improve judges with triple ax jumps, finger loops, and more!
And three! Ice skating injury Go to the doctor on time for a big event!
The big day is almost here … Relax and do a spa to get rid of that skater


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