Icc pro cricket 2019 game download No 1 Best App


icc pro cricket 2019 game download, Icc pro cricket 2019 game download No 1 Best App


Icc pro cricket 2019 game download GCL mega update now live!

Warm up for the final game of cricket with the Godspeed Cricket League. Icc pro cricket 2019 game download

The most advanced 3D mobile cricket game is built with realistic animation using motion capture technology that will bring back the real-life cricket experience.

Exciting realistic batting shots and animations with 360 ° batting New shots such as Inside / Out Edge, Chopper Shot, Flick Shot, Skop Shot and Loaded Drive for others. Icc pro cricket 2019 game download

Realistic bowling with the right sports science Added new realistic bowling animation

Smart and challenging AI rivals, the gameplay scene gives you a lot of amazing features that make any other mobile cricket game in the Play Store and Cricket League GCL challenging in real life. Icc pro cricket 2019 game download

Play with your regular players and keep your opponents out of the Big Sots’ T20 cricket style.

Shots, field animations, cut-scenes, bowling animations and high-end 3D graphics for the stadium. Icc pro cricket 2019 game download

Complete 360 ​​degrees for shot selection

There is so much to enjoy in the game Upgrade your team while watching gameplay legends on your team Improved card system that will take your gameplay to the next level

You will never be bored with events like the World Cup, IPL Cricket Championship, Cricket League and Score Challenge.

Features include: Icc pro cricket 2019 game download

Brand new batting shots, bowling, fielding and other animations
· Uninterrupted 360 ° batting
Ability to play Premier League with different teams at the same time
The real jersey for the Premier League
Godspeed cricket scene, now with panchayat options
New leaderboards, global and leagues

A new and improved bowling system and net practice
League and score events
Challenge AI opponents
More than 1700+ player cards to choose from to form your extreme team
Fast match rank
Play with friends and challenge them with your team
Player vs. player mode in fast matches

. Play with normal, extraordinary, rare, ic ponikas and mythology cards
. More than 250+ speed capture animations
Offline score mode with country vs. country
Knit practice to respect your skills
Improved fielding AI to catch the ball with improved fielding animation

New Features Features: Icc pro cricket 2019 game download

The brand has never experienced a new batting system before
The brand adopts new pace fielding behavior
New skin tone
Best Physics
· New and realistic faces
The weight of the cricket moment
New additions of shots
Bowling Animation Capture
Good batting and bowling control
Expanded card features feature enhancements
Towels, goggles, limb bands, etc. have been added
Different sports camera angles for better viewing
New Hindi and English Comments
· New menu screen background
New Music, SFX

About the Godspeed game

Godspeed Games is one of the leading sports and technology companies in India. Quality and creativity are fundamental to Godspeed, we believe in creating games that all age groups enjoy. In our special sports services, Godspeed is involved with more than 320 games on all sports platforms. The Godspeed Cricket League is a mobile debut for us

Permission required:

GET_ACCOUNTS – Sign in to the game using your Google account
ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION – To provide you with location-specific ads and offers.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – Save your game progress, statistics, game assets, catching ads and offers.

For a good game experience, the minimum is required,

  • Android OS: 4.1 or higher
  • An ARMv7 or ARMv64 (Cortex family) CPU-powered device
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • GPU support for OpenGLES 3.0 is recommended


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