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Http bit ly uolo app The note is a platform where teachers and parents help students by exchanging notes quickly about their progress, school events and well-being.

Teachers use notes to engage parents and students in the daily Nandin activities Instantly share reminders, quick notes and images with parents so that they can keep up to date with their children’s progress and activities.

Parents become aware of their children’s daily Nandin activities through Uolo’s Quick Share platform. Http bit ly uolo app

“Nutrition” – An interactive module by Ulo Technology to track your child’s routine (attendance, food and live bus tracking) available with notes.

Uolo Technology brings you notes with the following features: (Free!)

  • Instant note sharing
  • Checklist for tracking daily Nandin activities
  • Image partner
  • RSVP event and live tracking
  • Group
  • Broadcast list
  • Social

We are working on the following features: Http bit ly uolo app

  • Remind
  • File attachment

Start using notes to remember any precious moment in your child’s school life and be aware of important events at school.

Made with U in Uolo technology


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