Html editor apk No 1 Best App


html editor apk, Html editor apk No 1 Best App


Html editor apk In this application we can generate HTML code and get output in a convenient way, it is also not a simple HTML editor. We have a lot of amazing features in this application, compared to other applications.

Features Features: Html editor apk
1) Offline support
This application will work offline until you include any online links and exchange codes online between mobile and PC.

2) Transfer the code from the PC to the mobile
A) We use barcode to send code from PC to mobile
B) To transfer the code, first open the following url “” in your PC browser and type your code in the editor.
C) Then press the barcode icon from the menu and it will create a barcode and display it on your PC browser screen.

D) Finally, open this application and press the “GET” button from the app editor screen, it will open the camera to read the barcode immediately, when you scan it you will get your code from the PC immediately. Html editor apk

3) Transfer the code from the mobile to the PC
A) Click on the “Transfer” button on the editor screen of this application.
B) Then you will get a transfer code on your mobile
C) Then open the website in a PC browser and click on the “GET” icon, it will pop up a text box, the code will enter the text box shown on your mobile.
D) Finally, press the “GET” button, it will bring the code from your mobile and show the code in the window editor of your browser.

4) Open the HTML file. Html editor apk
Using this editor, we can open a .html file by clicking the “OPEN” button.
When you press the “open” button, it will list the default directory .html files, and you can select HTML files from other directories by clicking the “Choose File” button.
The default directory is “Internal Storage / HTML Editor”

Note: This will not support the path points of external .css or .js files in mobile memory, you can use online links instead.

5) Save the file on the mobile
We can save HTML code in a separate .html file on our phone
All files are saved in the “Internal Storage / HTML Editor” below.

6) Full Screen Output
We can see the output in the full screen window by pressing the “FULLSCREEN” button.

7) Share your code with your friends
Using this editor we can share our HTML code with others such as WhatsApp, Gmail, etc.
A) Click on the “SHARE” button on the screen of this app editor
B) It will ask “File Name Partner”, it is optional
C) If you are not given a “shared filename”, the name is automatically assumed to be “Default.html”.
D) Then it will open the application list of mobile installed partners, choose which one you want.

8) Auto backup
We know the importance of each character, so we have to introduce this feature.
When you edit the existing code and hide the keypad, the backup file will automatically be saved in the file “temp.html” (Internal Storage / HTML Editor / temp.html).Html editor apk

9) Supported file format
In this application we support the following file formats

A) Image support

B) Audio support

C) Video supported format


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