How to Use GB Whatsapp – Simple Yet Amazing


Didn’t social media change our perception of how we communicate and tell people our thoughts? Yes, a little, but mostly, it has given us the best of what we need. We have access to unlimited texts, and we have access to many things that we love. It is all about the way we spend time and use the app. And when it comes to GBWhatsapp, it is not addictive for wasting time and is very useful.

, How to Use GB Whatsapp – Simple Yet Amazing
how to use gb whatsapp

How to Use GBWhatsApp

If we talk about how to Use GBWhatsapp, we would say it is so basic that we can do it so smoothly. There are the basic features, and with their help, we can get to not only communicate but also connect with the people we love. So let’s see the ways we can have a communication with the help of this APK file,

Chat window

So, as we know, there are basically three tabs in the application. The first one that we see in the chat window. In this one, we can get to text our friends and family or anyone in the contacts who are using this app. All we have to do is, search their name and send them the chat. We can send them images, videos, emojis, and stickers to add a little fun too. It is such a great way the time and connects with the people we love. We can make broadcast lists, groups and then be able to have those group chats with ease!

Add Statuses

Many times, we just get bored and irritated for sending all pictures to people differently. Now that is odd, and it is impossible for all to do it because no one has time to do it. And if we send the pics to one person, it is a hassle to send them all to another person too. Also, forwarding the pics to all is not allowed too. But, we can add the images and videos on the status, and everyone can see that easily. It is so great, and we can get to enjoy telling everyone about the special time we had too.


Yes, we can call people usually, but we get to do a high-quality video call very smoothly on this. The calling option is so great, we can add so many people on one call, and we can have the communication that we wanted to have. It is a great thing, and thanks to GBWhatsapp, we can even change who can or can’t call us too. So that indeed is a great thing!

The Bottom Line

At last, learning How to Use GBWhatsapp is not that hard. and when it comes to using it for communicating, it is just a matter of time until you get the hang of it. So what are you waiting for? Download the app and get on with it!

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