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How to pin message in telegram How to play loot and pull the pins, help the Knights destroy the monsters, save the princess and you have to solve brain damage reeds to get rich.

Beauty beauties and countless riches are waiting to take you Let’s play now!

In this pin lock game, you have to go through a tough challenge: pull the pin to save the man, pull the pin to get the money, free the princess. So you have to use all your senses, to pull the pin logically

When you pull the pin to save the person in the game lock pin, take the money, there are horrible monsters, you have to be careful, count carefully before you pull the pin to avoid the ugly monsters.

How to lose
Use your mentality to pull the pin to destroy the monster then come to the princess and the treasure. How to pin message in telegram

, When you pull the pin to save that person, you have to pick up the wealth and you use the mentality to pull the right order of the pin, if you get the wrong order of the pin. You can get lost badly, otherwise subjectively
Earn the wealth of the state and be the richest and most generous night

The game of this pinlock game is very simple, but to win you have a smart, nimble and logical brain that needs to know what to do to kill monsters, save princesses and collect valuable treasures. Required

Key characteristics: How to pin message in telegram
With the main game mode, there are 4 other game modes, free to experience the game without worrying about:

  • Battle mode: Knights must be non-stop from monsters
    Tre-Treasure Mode: You don’t have to worry about trapping an enemy or fighting, your only job is to get as much money.
  • Tower Mode: Do you know the game of wood draw? Draw the wood skillfully so that the money will fall on you over the wooden tower.
  • Box mode: Like tower mode, you should also be cunningly drawing wood so that the enemy can fall on the lava or spike.
    Choose your night and start your journey
    Don’t enjoy the fun of saving princesses and raising money
    Extensively update a new level that is more difficult, involved and more challenging.
    Easy eye catching graphics, easy effects, easy to play anywhere, anytime.
    More than 500 500 very interesting calls
    Kn Choose your nightmare and start your journey
    QIQ Assessment Questionnaire

Sounds very interesting, doesn’t it? Everyone has downloaded it, why haven’t you downloaded our pin lock game – how to loot it yet?

Download yourself and play How to Dust – Today’s Most Popular Puzzle Game to Defeat Interesting Challenges.
Share your experience with playing this puzzle game, we will listen to it and improve it every day.
I hope the brain will clean up the damage riddles on how to loot it


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