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Note: This game continues with Jump‌scash.

You are a hacker, accepting job offers from various customers. In all your jobs, you will see big cyber collaborations, NCDs, committing criminal activities. How can cooperatives lead to criminal activity to protect those on the Internet? Your task as a hacker is to uncover these hidden puzzle pieces. You need to use your knowledge and skills to solve this. This is not an easy task and will cause difficulties along the way, you were warned.

Hacker.X is a twist when X takes over the game, which adds another unique secret to the game style when clicking on the horror / horror point and hacking the simulator. Game mechanics in the game include tower defense strategies, puzzles, lore and quick time events. Your main goal is to solve a comprehensive puzzle of the game, while trying not to get caught.

Click point and adventure
-Jumpers and serious mystery puzzles
Interactive hacking approach
Local ways to find new targets
-Customer desktop background
-Trilling adventure
-Different puzzles
Use your software
-I am for Hicks Coins
-Surprise and quick time events
-Do not start and be careful on time

I want you to finish this game! Accept the challenge!

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