How to Get ‘Yes, I Do’ Emote and ‘Zasil’ Pet on Free Fire MAX for Free, Here’s the Easiest Way


In Free Fire MAX, gamers are always offered a variety of new events, in which they are given different items as free rewards. This time around, gamers have a chance to get a new emote, which performs a dance move from a popular Instagram reel and TikTok video. Along with the emote, his character is also seen dancing. Let us tell you about this emote.

Chance to get Yes, I Do Emote

The name of this emote of Free Fire Max is Yes, I Do. This is a cute looking emote, who is seen doing a viral dance move with her character. The same dance move has become very popular these days on platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok. A lot of short video creators make the reels on that dance move. Garena has put the same trend of public in emote and users can now enjoy it in gaming too. Let us tell you how you can get this emote.

This emote was introduced by Garena at the Faded Wheel Event. This event of Garena has started from 23rd June i.e. today and will continue till 29th June. This means that users have a great chance to win this cool emote for the next 7 days.

Chance to get Zasil Pet

Apart from this emote, users can also find Zasil Pet at the same event of Free Fire Max. Zasil is also a popular character in Free Fire Max. The name of this ability of stomach is extra luck. Using this pet’s extra luck ability at the lowest level, each time users use medkit, inhaler or repair kit, there is a 25 percent chance of getting additional benefits. It has a CD of 120 seconds.

However, the chances of getting an Extra Kit increase to 50 percent, while the CD drops to 70 seconds at the maximum level. Zasil is very useful for critical battles when users lack a help kit. Usually users spend a lot of diamonds to buy this pet of Free Fire Max , but users can get it for free during the fed wheel event going on in Free Fire Max.

How to get in-game rewards

To get these rewards, players have to follow the steps given below

Step 1: Players have to open Free Fire Max and then go to the Luck Royale section.

Step 2: After that players have to first click on Faded Wheel option.

Step 3: Now players have to remove the two items they don’t want to get.

Step 4: After that finally the players have to click on the spin option and for that the required diamonds are deducted from the user’s account.

In this new event of Free Fire Max, we have given information about the list of rewards and the cost of spins in our previous article. If you want to read that too, click on our link

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