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how to get the source code of an apk APK (Android app) to extract the source code of a container and dex file

Please note that this application is not for use Please do not try to use this application for any mode

Features Features how to get the source code of an apk

Choose CFR 0.138, ZADX 0.8.0 or Fornflower (analytical compiler) to be used as a dispenser.
Run it directly on your Android device
Select apk / jar / dex from sdcard (or) from the list of installed applications.
• Destroys Android resources (Layout, Image, Menu, Android Manifest, Image Property, Price, etc.).
It is easy to use source navigator with built-in media and code viewer
Displays code in a clean-syntax-highlight form with zoom and line-rap.
The corrupted source can be easily copied from the sdcard (stored in the source
show-java folder on sdcard)
Easily disconnect the source part with the built-in collector + share mechanism mechanism
Runs in the background
An ad-free version is available through in-app purchases

Source code

It will be an open source project The source code is hosted on GitHub
Please read the license information before using any code in any project.

Reasons for permission how to get the source code of an apk

• Internet – Automated bug reporting and advertising
• External Storage – Storing isolated source code and maintaining a working directory for application.


Many thanks to Lee Benfield ([email protected]) for his wonderful CFR – Class File Reader: DD.
Ben Grover for Dexlib
Skeleton for JaDX
Jetbrain for Fernaflo Analytical Decompiler


Show java – a java / apk decompiler for android
Copyright (C) 2018 Niranjan Rajendran

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and / or change it.
Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License
Free Software Foundation, License Version 3, or
(At your option) any subsequent version

Distributed in the hope that the program will be useful,
But no war without a warrant; Even without a warranty
Qualifications or qualifications for a potential partner See
GNU General Public License for more details.


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