How to Get Crystal Energy in Free Fire MAX


Garena has added a new event to the Free Fire Max Indian servers, which gives gamers new rewards for playing only a certain number of games. The event is called Play BR New Rank Season and began on 17 June 2022.

Of all the rewards available, the new Crystal Energy has attracted gamers within the community.

How to Get Crystal Energy in Free Fire MAX

Players can use Crystal Energy to deliver secret gifts to the island of Spawn before the game begins. Rewards will include a random amount of loadout items, Gold or Diamond Royal Vouchers for up to 10 players, with many gamers eager to earn them.

In this event, players will have until 23 June 2022 to complete objectives and collect prizes. Below is a list of missions and associated rewards for the new Play BR New Ranked Seasons event.

  • Play 1 BR Rank match to receive free Crystal Energy
  • Play 3 BR Rank matches to receive a free Scan Play Card (7d) and Game Streamer Weapon Loot Crate
  • Play 5 BR Rank matches to receive a free Bounty Token Play Card (7d) and Champion Boxer Weapon Loot Crate
  • Play 10 BR Rank matches to receive a free 20x Rampage Bok Token

How to get rewards through Play BR New Rank Season

Once completed the mission player follows the below steps to get rewards through Play BR New Rank Season:-

Step 1 – Gamer should open in Free Fire Max and go to the Rampage United tab.

Step 2 – Thereafter, they can select the respective event section and press the ‘Claim’ button to receive the respective prize.

Once players collect Crystal Energy, it can be used once on the spawn island before the match begins.

They will have the option in the lower-left corner and then have to place it in the desired position. A total of 10 users can get random rewards from this crystal energy.

Rampage United rewards in Free Fire MAX

In addition to Crystal Energy, there are many exciting cosmetics within reach of gamers, including skins of permanent bundles, loot boxes, vouchers, and many other items.

Additionally, gamers also have Rampage Identity, which won’t take much time and provides Rampage Unite Choice Crate for an easy target to complete.

Players also have some other paid rewards in the Rampage Wishes event that offer previously released bundles, the Mythos Four Emotes, a handful of skins, and more.

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