How to buy free pets in Free Fire Max?


However, most gamers are unable to purchase diamonds. So, he keeps trying to find ways to get free diamonds. Well, in this article we are going to tell you how to buy free pets in Free Fire Max.

How to buy free pets in Free Fire Max?

The premium currency of Free Fire Max is Diamonds. Players have to spend money from their own pockets to buy this currency. However, not everyone can afford to buy developer diamonds. Hence, he keeps on looking for ways to get free diamonds. There is an option to get diamonds for free here.

Google Opinion Rewards

, How to buy free pets in Free Fire Max?
Google Opinion Rewards (Image Credit : Garena)

Google Opinion Rewards is the best and most beneficial application to get diamonds for free. This app is used by crores of gamers. This application is made by Google, and gamers can win Google Credits, Gift Cards by completing surveys and other tasks. By using all of these you can get free diamonds. After getting the diamonds, follow the steps given here to unlock the pets for free.

Step 1: Launch the game and click on the left side store button. Open Pets List by clicking on the right side belly button.

Step 2: The players will see multiple pets on the screen. Select the belly as per your wish. Pay for Diamonds by clicking on the Purchase button.

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