how to apk file run in pc No 1 Best App


how to apk file run in pc The computer is a self-contained, fully-featured featured file explorer, designed to open multiple tabs and windows.
It gives you access to pictures, music, videos, documents and other files on your Android device and computer.

List of merits: how to apk file run in pc

  • File Explorer: Manage your documents on your desktop or laptop.
  • Access your home PC partner documents on the network;
  • Act as your FTP or SFTP client for internet connection;
  • Application Manager: Switch, install, or view any app’s system management page. Launched applications are also in the taskbar
  • Built-in media viewers and players for a variety of media formats, including photos, music and videos;
  • Thumbnails for APK and images;
  • Built-in Zip support allows you to delete and delete zip files.
  • Kill running tasks, increase memory and speed up your equipment;
  • Supports tabs and side windows, so you can open multiple folders at once;


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