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Hot Apps Nearby is an apps recommendation tool.

Discover and install the best Play Store apps and games that are popular nearby.

Find the market’s top apps in your nearby location. Discover the apps people nearby are using and the best games they’re playing.

* Main features *

• Apps recommendation by popularity between other users nearby.

• Comment and vote for your favorite apps.

• Anonymous. No email/social sign-in required.

• See trending apps in your city, state or country – you choose the search radius.

• Discover recommended apps from Google’s official app market: Play Store.

• Install discovered apps and games directly from Google’s app market Play Store.

• Play the best games on the market that everyone around you is playing.

• Filter the top apps by day, week or month popularity

• Premium: Forgot the name of an app you visited before? Keep track of the apps you visit on the “Visited apps” tab.

• Premium: See each app real time statistics on Hot Apps Nearby.

• Premium: Want to discover what’s trending in other places? You can search anywhere on the world!. Choose any location on the map and discover popular apps & games around it.

• Premium: Instead of scanning only nearby locations, you can view apps by their worldwide popularity.

Useful for common users and also for Android developers:

• Discover your target audience’s favorite apps and games.

• Normal apps and system apps are viewed separately

Hot Apps Nearby is also at:

• AppBrain

• Product Hunt

• Google+ Community

Read our Privacy Policy: http://privacy.hotappsnearby.comCOLLAPSE

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