Honey Bunny Ka Jetpack – Hero Run Apk: The Game


Honey Bunny Ka Jetpack – Hero Run Apk, Honey Bunny Ka Jetpack – Hero Run Apk: The Game

Honey and rabbit are back! This time, they zoom, jump and fly with Jetpack!

Honey Bunny ka Jetpack is a fast reaction backpack game, you have to fly around the laser and obstacles in the jet plane to collect all the stars.

Play in challenge mode and fast play mode. Clear thinking is the best weapon for avoiding obstacles. These include sparks, mines and even choppers. Stay away, you will cover more distance and get a higher position in the online ranking! Enter supersonic mode by collecting coins. Get different vehicles, such as bikes, UFOs, and gravity pods.

Sab Jholmaal Hai is also known as Honey Bunny ka Jholmaal is an Indian animated comedy television series broadcast on Sony Yay. Sony Yay is now working with Appon to bring you a fun and exciting adventure jetpack game.

Honey Bunny ka Jetpack lets you play a crowded hero and go through a series of missions and obstacles. You have to stay focused and avoid all the obstacles that hinder your progress. Collect stars along the way to increase speed and help you get higher scores.

Prepare for a joyful journey from top to bottom with two incredible characters: honey and rabbit. In these two game modes, keep flying in the arena, use the jet pack to zoom in and out: one is an endless runner, the other is a challenge based on level.

Avoid obstacles such as lasers, gun barrels, explosive boxes and missiles to collect all the stars in the level.

Discover exciting new rewards on the way to gain speed and power, use a jetpack to jump in and out and collect all the stars. Work hard and get useful rewards, such as bikes, gravity machines and speed accelerators.

Click and fly over all the obstacles, then carefully place the character of the honey or rabbit jacket on the finish line. It’s a great game that lets you do the following.

• Courage to challenge your status
• Laser Dodge, zipper and guided missile
• Collect all stars and get 3 stars in all Homar style manipulation challenges
• One click to test your reaction with simple commands
• Equipped with incredible power
• High resolution graphics and explosion effects
• Recover and use powerful power supplies.
• Run and jump in exotic places and enjoy the exciting experience of Jomar.
• Move the maximum distance and try to check the classification.

Choose a character from your favorite Honey-Bunny Ka Jholmaal TV show. Play like a honey or a rabbit and earn 3 stars in all challenges under the crazy challenge of the Homamar Jetpack waterfall. Choose your favorite character by jumping, then collect the stars and let him fly in the empty space. Test your potential by traveling the furthest distance in game mode and compare your results knowing who is the best friend.

Kids won’t get bored now because the honey bunny will drive them crazy about Jholmaal in the new fun adventure game all summer long So get ready to play with Honey & Bunny, your favorite friend – Honey Bunny ka Jholmaal! Download the game for free now and get addicted to Jetpack Hero.


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