Home Security app Camera: Surveillance Monitor & CCTV


Home Security app, Home Security app Camera: Surveillance Monitor & CCTV

Home Security Camera 🏠 is a brilliant framework for guarding and observing your home. Essentially interface any two gadgets and transform them into the ideal CCTV assurance framework.

Do you feel apprehensive and awkward when leaving your home unguarded? Home Security Surveillance application comes convenient at whatever point you go out for work, get-away, or tasks. If there should arise an occurrence of any dubious action, you can promptly advise the nearby specialists.

The application and your telephone make a ground-breaking blend that fills the need alright. Have your own surveillance camera directly in your pocket.



  • Home Security furnishes you with full-screen ongoing video.
  • Streaming is the component that keeps your home consistently protected.
  • Feel allowed to utilize the front or back camera of your checking gadget.


  • The Home Security framework works by means of WiFi, 3G, 4G or LTE systems.
  • It reconnects consequently and rapidly on account of WiFi blackout! A wide scope of upheld systems brings you boundless network.


  • Leave one gadget in the region you need to screen and take the second gadget with you.
  • Home gadgets are effectively versatile, so you can check various edges and locate the best spot for putting the observation surveillance camera.


  • With the Home Security framework, you can screen your home with only one look at your telephone’s presentation.
  • Appealing application configuration makes a special client experience.
  • A wide scope of settings enables you to control the territories as intently as you wish.


  • Home Monitor cautions you when the gadgets disengage, or on the off chance that their battery dips under 10%. Depend on the exactness of developed cautions.
  • The application naturally makes a course of events of observing statuses, so you can see the entire history of meetings.


  • You can hear each small clamor or moan of sound in a live sound video stream.
  • Use the Home Security screen application as a sound remote control of your protected home.
  • Set up the commotion affectability, which will decide when the application advises you that there is something going on in the observed zone.
  • You can utilize the checking gadget as a walkie-talkie by squeezing the mike button.


  • The Home Security System can screen up to 4 autonomous zones.
  • The quantity of Home Security Cameras units is boundless!
  • You can even interface with gadgets on various programming stages.
  • Create regions, name them and start to watch the scenes on your screen.


  • Fast and secure arrangement over nearby WiFi with programmed gadget query or over QR greeting code takes under 30 seconds.


  • All correspondence between the CCTV gadgets is safely scrambled through private cloud arrangement.
  • Industry-standard encryption is utilized to guarantee that solitary your watchers approach your stream.


  • Do not accepting new gadgets when you have completely utilitarian old ones at home. Giving them another important capacity of checking your place doesn’t sound awful, huh? Try not to burn through cash on costly devices nor pristine security cams.


  • With our home surveillance cameras, you just compensation once and you are sans then to utilize the application on a few gadgets.

Feel free to investigate the application inside 30 minutes with our FREE TRIAL!

Much obliged to you for supporting Home Security Camera Surveillance System!


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