Hobi Apk: TV Series Tracker, Trakt Client For TV Shows


Hobi Apk, Hobi Apk: TV Series Tracker, Trakt Client For TV Shows

Note: you cannot use Hobi to watch TV shows

Hobi (Hobi) is a simple and light TV tracker that offers many good things to lovers of all series.

Hobi makes the most of your time in front of the TV.
When a new season is released or a new episode is released, Hobi will notify you.
Use our special track tracker to follow the track you see.
Whenever you need a TV guide, use Hobi.


  • See the most popular TV shows
  • Countdown to the next episode
  • Understand where the integrated TV tracker is
  • Explore the premiere date through the TV guide
  • Receive notifications and reminders about the premiere of the new season
  • Record your show on Trakt or Google
  • Full integration of Trakt.TV and synchronization of Trakt
  • With Trakt, you can synchronize all the latest information on each device.
  • Full control notification
  • Series manager, series guide and TV tracker
  • Customize your notifications
  • View the channels and networks broadcast by your TV show
  • Over 50,000 shows in our series guide
  • Mark the episode you saw to remember what you want to watch next
  • See the latest versions of various networks
  • Browse all episodes of all shows
  • Easy to follow the TV show you are watching
  • See upcoming episodes, seasons and shows
  • TV time alert for upcoming events
  • Use the TV tracker to memorize your position
  • Discover current trends on TV and follow the most popular programs
  • See the next episode you should watch and the information for that episode
  • Overview of all upcoming episodes and episodes that you haven’t watched yet.
  • Count the number of episodes that have not been watched
  • Trakt.tv synchronization
  • Using Hobi, you think it’s your ultimate time for TV
  • Never forget your favorite TV show
  • Smart reminders for each series
  • Including callback function
  • Become the best TV fan
  • Notify when there are new episodes
  • Each time a new season is available, a new version of the notification will be sent to you
  • Best TV show app
  • Explore the most popular and popular TV shows
  • Follow your favorite TV show every time
  • If you need an excellent TV series administrator, please use Hobi
  • Detailed information about the episode you watched
  • Save the full list of episodes you are watching

Hobi lets you follow all the programs including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, The CW, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, MTV, Bravo, BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Sky and other programs!

If the time spent in front of the television is important to you, please easily manage the television programs and obtain an interesting user experience.
Are you looking for a TV show tracker? Try Hobi-TV show tracker
Hobi makes it easy for you to follow the TV program you’re watching – just tap on the program you like and we’ll do the rest.


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