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Hindi gali stickers for whatsapp 400+ Hindi and English stickers of STICKR are divided into 20+ categories These include popular YouTube, stand-up comedians, Hindi culture films and trendy memes: General Mem, Mirzapur, Mirzapur 2, Munna Vya Ya, Jetalal, Bollywood Stickers, Akshay Kumar Stickers, Tarki Mehti Starki Mehta Stark Mehta , Zakir Khan, Gangs of Wasipur, Akash Mehta (Kuchvi Mehta), Abhimukh Upmanu, Anubha Singh Basi, World Welfare Rath, Hera Ferry, Fire Mera Ferry, TMCO, CID, last June 2020, Marathi Mem. All the stickers have been handed out by some of the best professionals

Installation:Hindi gali stickers for whatsapp

By installing STICKR you will have a great experience expressing your feelings during your WA chat.

  1. Install and open the app from the Google Play Store,
  2. Tap WA on ADD,
  3. Open WA and go to your chat,
  4. Tap on the emoji icon, you will see a new sticker icon below
  5. Click on that icon and start using brand new stickers

STICKR helps you express your feelings more easily and calms your overall chat more than normal text, GIF and emoji. You can also use these stickers to respond to status and groups Our sticker packs are small and light, and you can easily add it to your collection to share and chat with others. Hindi gali stickers for whatsapp

What’s in our app:

You will get Customizable Trending Hindi Stickers with Monologue which you can share as soon as you communicate with your family, friends and colleagues. These stickers will help you communicate your feelings calmly We are sure that our stickers will make your conversation more fun and exciting. Hindi gali stickers for whatsapp

Check out the brand’s new STICKR: There is a Hindi WA sticker from the Google Play Store and don’t forget to write down your experience in the comments below. If you like our content, consider giving us a 5 star rating Also, don’t forget to share the abuse with your friends and co-workers This will help us to develop as a popular Android app.


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